“The purpose of my email is to send a big THANK YOU to your Granger team for turning in a diamond necklace. On Saturday, around 12:30 pm, my son’s girl friend (Courtney ) and I tanned. We left and it wasn’t until Sunday morning when she realized her necklace was missing. The necklace was a gift from our son, so naturally Courtney immediately became very upset. We were sure the necklace was gone forever. But when she called Fun Tan the gal who answered said “Yes, is this Courtney? We have your necklace”. 

Then, my husband tried giving a tip to recognize the employee who turned in the necklace, but it was not accepted. Again, we were impressed by the Fun Tan staff’s professionalism. 

We have told many people the story and will continue to brag how awesome and honest the Fun Tan employee was for turning in the necklace. It may not seem like much, but especially during the season of giving, it means a lot to Courtney, our son and family. 

Thank you for running a business with honest and caring employees. “


  “I am 49 years old & this was my first time at a tanning salon. I want to commend the entire staff at the Mayflower Rd. location for their friendliness, knowledge & honesty. I left my diamond ring in one of the tanning rooms & it was found & returned to me. Thank you for making my first experience a pleasurable one. “

Diane P

My name is Amber and I have been a regular at Fun Tan for almost 2 years now. I usually go to the Mayflower Road location since it is the closest to my house, but I have been to the Ireland Road location a few times. When I walk into Fun Tan, I am always welcomed by the employee who is working every single time. There are a few employees who know what my car looks like and my name, so when I walk in my name is already written on the sheet and up on the computer. This makes me feel more as a part of a big family, and not just as a customer. I also love Fun Tan about its cleanliness. Never have I been disappointed in the way the tanning beds, bathroom, or lobby of Fun Tan looks. It is always in tip top shape. Fun Tan employees always are willing to answer any question I have and do anything that I might need. I would recommend Fun Tan to anyone because of these reasons. Fun Tan is a great place and I will continue to go there as long as I am in South Bend! Keep up the great work Fun Tan 🙂 Thanks,

Amber V


Fun Tan is like an oasis. In twenty minutes of less, I can look and feel better all while taking a quick break from my day. At Fun Tan, I know I am getting safe and reliable tanning. Each staff member is always very friendly and knowledgeable. The wide selection of lotions to choose from keep my skin looking smooth and healthy. Compared to other salons, Fun Tan is in a class of its own. The clean, friendly environment provide a relaxing experience that keeps me coming back time and time again.”

~ Dom

“The reason why I LOVE Fun Tan and keep coming back is because of the convenient locations around town, and the variety of beds that they offer. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The most important reason is the cleanliness of the tanning beds. I have tried the competition in the past, but I will remain a loyal Fun Tan customer for years to come.”

 ~ Rhonna F

“I love the Fun Tan I go to! Everyone is so nice and personal. It’s my get away from the busy home life. 20 minutes alone and look and feel great after! I have been tanning there for awhile, always on my Christmas list. I just started going back with summer being gone, walked in and always a nice greeting by name. It’s the little things that keep me going back there to my Fun Tan. All in all would really like to express that I really enjoy the people there, and that’s why I keep going back! “

~ Lisa M

“After a long day, I love going to Fun Tan and relaxing in one of their warm tanning beds, especially during the winter months. I love that I can keep my summer look all year round. What better way to relax than to get a great tan while doing it? Not to mention the staff is so friendly and helpful. I would recommend Fun Tan to anyone who is looking to get a fabulous tan at a great price!”

~Amanda F

“I love the friendly environment provided by the staff at the counter. I also love the different varieties of tanning options and upgrade of tanning beds. I love how clean and well kept the beds and room are with mirrors in each room. The Fun Tan staff will do their very best to go above and beyond to help serve their customers better. I love the well kept Variety of tanning lotions always kept up in stock. It’s awesome having at least two channels of music to listen to while tanning. I Love Fun Tan!” 

~ Sally M






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